Frequently asked Questions 

Our much loved Daisy Tarot Reader 



Q. Are readings done in private?

A. Readings are done at tables with your booking party, there is plenty background noise and tables are well distanced so its not easy for others to hear.

Q. Can I bring children 

A. Yes but because the atmosphere is very calm children tend to be very relaxed. We would ask if you child gets fed up to take them a wee walk.

Q. Can I record my reading on my phone?

A. Im afraid we don't allow recording just incase you pick up other conversations due to recording equipment being so advanced. we can provide you with paper and one to take notes. 


Q. What happens if I can't be read? 

A. We aren't here to make up stories so if you cant be read we would simply rebook you for another day rather than have you passed to another member of the team. we also wouldn't charge you on the day we couldn't read you.

Q. I want a specific member of the team to read me?

A. We can try but can't guarantee you would be read by the person you want. we work on who's available at the time to conduct your reading, if we didn't work like this we would have team members waiting about and feeling sad that they couldn't have the opportunity to read you.